A Card Game To Play

During the times when we’re out with friends and there’s literally nothing better o do, we pull out a card deck and just play. It’s sure a lot of fun, for like the first ten rounds before you start asking yourself ‘isn’t there another card game that we can play instead?’ Of course there are, you just have to scour the internet for any new or old card games that you might have missed out on. Read this full article in order to find out a new card game appropriate for family and friends.

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a card game that can accommodate 2 – 8 players, it’s also appropriate for children during family nights. The basic goal here is to be the first one out of everyone to dispose of all your cards. So here’s how it’s done:


  • The dealer needs to deal 5 cards and face down starting from the person to their left, the card dealing must be done one at a time. As for the remainder of the cards, they’ll be placed at the middle of the table.
  • Then the dealer will grab the top card on the facedown deck, open it and place it beside the deck. This will be the starter pile, in case the first card was an eight then bury it back in the deck before opening the next one.


  • First player will be the one on the dealer’s left and everyone will take turns placing a card on the starter pile. The card they place must match the card directly before their turn in wither number, position or shape. In case they don’t have one that matches, then they draw from the deck.
  • All eights are wild card and can be used anytime within the player’s turn,
  • The first player to dispose of all their cards win.

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