companyHDTV UK is an organization that throughout the years has helped broadcasting and communications companies develop their HD (high-definition) technologies, through donations, sponsorships, and venture capital. HDTV UK has had a positive impact in the market helping these companies provide a better service and world-class broadcasting to viewers around the country.

With a team of experts in several areas of this technology, from engineers to business consultants, HDTV UK has had a very significant impact on the market.

HDTV UK is constantly looking to expand its reach and decided in 2014, to launch its blog on We’re looking for talented writers wanting to contribute to our amazing blog, on a regular basis.

Here’s what our Chief Editor, Bruce Kemp, has to say about our new ambitious project that is HDTV UK the blog:

“This is an opportunity we couldn’t pass. Our organization felt the need to bring something unique to the world. And having our experience will definitely help us do that. Our management decided that proving information about HD technologies to the world, would not only help us get our brand out there, but also educate people on what it took, and what it still takes, to provide this kind of service to the British public.”

If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always looking to improve and do more for our readers.