Advantages of legalizing marijuana in countries like India

Marijuana is one of the best popular drugs which are highly used in the United States. Most of the youngsters widely use this drug. The usage of marijuana is done with the help of the hand rolled cigarettes or it can be consumed with the help of the pipes or with the help of the bonds that are the water pipes. Blunts can also be used to smoke marijuana. how-to-grow-marijuana

If you look that how many states legalized marijuana in the US, then it will be found out that more than 25 states are the results. The major reason for this can be the medical conditions that are being associated with this drug. It is helpful in treating many of the serious diseases like cancer and helps in preventing the spread of the disease to other parts of the body.medical-marijuana-bud

Advantages of legalizing marijuana in countries like India

There are many advantages that are being associated with marijuana and thus legalizing it to be used in a country can prove to be a very beneficial act. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Many drug dealers in India use some harmful drugs like afeem etc in marijuana to improve its color and taste. But this can be very dangerous for the health. If this drug is legalized, then all the production will be done under the supervision of government and thus the quality will improve.
  • It helps the local in a good way. This is so because at the places like Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, marijuana is the only source of income and as the drug is illegal therefore the farmers sell it at a cheap price. If the legalization is done, they will get the actual price of their hard work.

Therefore like the US, it would be a good choice to legalize marijuana at other places also.

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