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Video games are the in-thing for people of all ages. With around 12 million active players daily involved in the game, it is the most played game according to a report in 2012 by Xfire. League of Legends is famous in Europe, North and America, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan.

Lifetime Guarantee

Purchase a League of Legends from us and you are provided with lifetime guarantee along with the best quality lol account. When you buy lol account you can be assured of the quality with all our smurfs. In case you find any fault such as account trading or account sharing we offer to replace with one new lol account. We are proud of the fact that not many of our accounts have been banned but there are certain accounts that cannot be stopped from being banned. Of course it is a safe market and we are proud that your safety is our first concern when you buy League of Legends account from us. As you know almost every lol account seller offers this guarantee but we are honest and we assure you that we honor our promise. You can also refer to our reviews from our account holders to vouch for us.


Instantaneous Delivery

As soon as you buy lol account from us, it will be instantly delivered. We work throughout the year, 24×7, to ensure immediate deliver automatically. All details regarding your League of Legends smurf and accounts are secure with us as maintaining secrecy is our top priority. Payment is through PayPal payment process by which no information can be leaked out. We provide quality account and have great win rates up to 100k IP that is sufficient to buy champions so that you can move on to ranked games immediately. Always shop from the best store to get the best purchase and for instantaneous quality service.


The League of Legends is a video game that was published for OS X and Microsoft Windows developed and published by Riot Games. It contains micro transactions and is a multiplayer online battle arena.   As in all video games, the goal of playing the game is to destroy the opposite team’s power by providing the best champions. We hope you will be a winner when you buy League of Legends account with us. You can visit us for any queries and questions as our support team will be in contact immediately.

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