What is Whatsapp plus?

We all know about Whatsapp app, but many of us are don’t even heard about Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp Plus is the advanced version of Whatsapp and also of its features. Whatsapp plus is as same as the Whatsapp but it had a different icon of blue color. Whatsapp Plus is an alternative of the current Whatsapp with some additional features. You might be surprised after knowing that you can enjoy the all functions with Whatsapp plus what a Whatsapp offers to its users. I think the users of Whatsapp plus are more satisfied than the Whatsapp users.

Some legal issues  Screenshot_20170322_064225

Maybe Whatsapp plus don’t give you the same security features as the original one offers. Whatsapp plus is not serving you the privacy functions as like the original Whatsapp.  Now Whatsapp plus is not founded by us on the play store because of some legal issues. I don’t think  play store offers you Whatsapp Install  in future.  The place from where you can download it is some specific sites on the internet.WhatsApp-Android-update-1-640x348

Vital information about Whatsapp plus

A Spanish developer named as Rafale did some changes in the UI system of the Whatsapp and add some additional features to it. This results in the Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp plus is also liked by its users. Let’s know about some difference between the Whatsapp and Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp plus allow us to customize the app whereas Whatsapp doesn’t. Current Whatsapp has only one theme and the users can’t change it but the users of Whatsapp plus can change the themes as well as the styles of the conversations also. Whatsapp plus offers its users to change the whole look of the app according to the choices and what they love. Users can also send big files, videos and high-quality images to their contacts.

The Convenience Of An External Hard Drive

Have you seen the movement of the horse that drags along a heavy luggage cart and that of the horse with just a lady riding on it? The horse with the luggage cart moves like a sluggish camel next to the lady’s horse, in most cases, when your computer starts becoming too slow, you most probably have too many files on it.


There’s only one solution to this problem, offload your excess luggage and send it over through a courier service while you ride your horse smoothly and at your pace. Having a handy external hard drive does not only have personal advantages right between your files and the hard drive itself, or just the speed of your work, but contributes to the longevity of your computer as a whole. Think of it this way, when you’ve not jam-packed your internal memory with too many files, because you own an external hard drives, your overall computer operations will be much smoother, faster and ensures a generally greater work output.


You wouldn’t need to format once in a while or even have a technical system flash or return a system to its factory settings in order for it to have a brand new feel, this is where your external hard drive saves you all the stress. It generally gives you a break from visiting your computer engineer and gives your computer a break from excessive files that may introduce unwanted malwares. So the absolute answer to a bolt speed smooth running of your computer is sometimes as simple as an almost empty storage space, this is done by substituting internal storage with an external one.

The modern hard drives come with larger storage capacities that springs up to a whopping 8 TB in that portability, absolutely satisfying the need for speed.

Wrap Up Work Faster

Choosing a good computer is essential, but it’s also important for you to make sure you choose the right monitor to go with it because at the end of the day the only way you can see how well the computer can perform is through the monitor and if you have to spend hours in front of that screen it better be a large one. The smaller the screen of the computer, the more stress your eyes have to go through and this is why a large screen is best.


Although there are large wide screen computer monitors that you could invest in, it’s always a good idea to pick out the best ultrawide monitor. There are a number of brands that you can choose from and if you’re not too sure how to pick out the perfect monitor for you then you can always check out the ultrawide monitor guide that can help you decide which monitor is perfect for you.

When you are trying to make the best of the time that you have in hand at work, working on an ordinary monitor is the last thing you want. An ordinary monitor can cause problems at any time. One of the major problems that people face is with the display. Once the display issues begin then you will need to replace the monitors.

With the help of the ultra wide monitors, you will ensure that you do not face any such problems and you can also save on a lot of time completing your work as well. You no longer need to toggle between two domains. All you need to do is split the screen and access both the domains on a single screen. This will ensure that you complete the work before the allotted time as well.

Tips On Upgrading Your PS4 Internal Hard Drive

Enjoying various games with your PS4 and watching video clips will never be possible especially if you tend to download a lot of them. If you are planning to get more storage spare for your PS4, it is about time that you get your PS4 internal hard drive upgraded. All that you have to do is to follow some tips and you are off to a good start in getting more storage space for your device.PS4 PRO SSDSo, how can you get started? First thing is finding the type of PS4 internal hard drive that you want to use for your device. Keep in mind that regardless of how much storage you want to get, you need to make sure that it will not measure more than 9.5mm thick. Your options with a 2TB drive can somehow be limited but for a 1TB drive, you have pretty much different options available.

Back Up Your Files

Before proceeding to getting a new PS4 internal hard drive installed, take time to back up all your files either by cloud especially if you are a PlayStation Plus member or get another storage space available just to store your files. Once done, turn your PS4 off and remove all other cables connected to it and then you can start removing the old HDD and then install the new one. The entre process doesn’t require much technical know-how as long as you know how to screw and unscrew.PS4 PRO SSDAfter this, you can start reinstalling the system software. As much as possible install the latest version to get the best experience with your new drive and then plug in all the cables to your device. Lastly, reinstall all other games that you have downloaded and enjoy all the benefits of more space ready to be filled with more games and other files.

Enjoy Playing Golf With The GPS

Golf is one of the most popular sports that are played all around the world and if you enjoy playing Golf on a regular basis then it is really essential for used to invest in the right golf GPS today. Although there are a number of GPS devices that you can invest in when it comes to golf, if you are looking for the best golf gps it is always a smart idea to search for the devices online and have a look at the best customer rating.best golf gpsIf you are wondering why a good golf gps is beneficial to you then you need to learn more about this device today. One of the main highlights of a golf GPS is that it automatically calculates the distance of the shot you have taken and this helps save you a lot of time. If you ask anyone for their opinion they will confess that if there is one thing they hate about golf it is calculating the distance of the shot they have taken. Also manually calculating the distance is not really accurate and this means you will take a longer time to get better at the game. When you use this GPS device it gives you the accurate results and this enables you to find out where your weak points lie.best golf gpsGPS is not a very old device and people are very intrigued when they see this device in the field. When you have this device with you on the golf course it will attract a lot of attention. This means more and more people will question you about it and they will want to learn how to use it. You might also get in touch with some great golfers who will share their tips and tricks with you.

If You Want To Transfer Your Data Easy Then Use Wireless Router

As the growth in the technology in all the fields people would like to use the devices which are portable and easy to use. So many companies had come forward with lot of new technology which would provide you security and make you to complete your work fast. The wireless router is a device that would able to access and perform your functions through the router and you can access this router to the internet or through your computer network. By using this wireless router you can able to perform both the wired and the wireless access through this you can able to transfer the data from one device to the other. The wireless router which also incorporates the built in firewalls and it would also used to provide conveniences for both privacy and the security purposes. You can able to connect wireless routers to the various kinds of the devices through computer, phone and other devices and there are various kinds of routers that are available and you can also get your best wireless routers 2017.Best Routers 2017

  • The broadband routers are used for connecting two different computers or two different computer internets.
  • The wireless routers are used for connecting your modem and to create your wireless signals.

The router is used for the networking device and that is used for the data packets between the computer networks. The router would able to read all the address information suppose the multiple routers are used in the interconnected networks and that is used for the exchanging the information about the destination address by using the dynamic routing protocols. There are different kinds of the interface that had been available like the copper cables and fibre optic and which can be used for still more additional features in the best wireless router in 2017. Best Routers 2017The control plane should be forwarded to the data packet through the physical interface connection and the static and dynamic routers are stored in the routing information base. The forward plane is used for maintaining the incoming and outgoing interface connections. The edge routers that had been used for connecting the edge of an ISP network and the inter provider border router is used for maintaining the BGP sessions. It is designed as the hardware device that had been used to receive the signal and analyze the incoming packets to another network.

SnapExploit Hacking Tool

All the famous applications, games and social networking sites out there have their counterpart in terms of hacks. We just can’t help but be curious about another person’s account, especially our significant other, friends and family members. In all honesty, we want to lay our eyes on the deepest and darkest parts of their accounts without them knowing so that’s why we resort to hacks. Once or twice you may have tried hacks on a number of various accounts but ended up unsuccessful. But SnapExploit.com won’t bring you that kind of disappointment.snap-hackSnapchat is like other chats but what makes it different is the sheer amount of freedom you have in terms of the multimedia you that you can send; videos, drawings, photos and more. It has taken the world by storm and almost everyone has an account from celebrities to the person you’re sitting next to on the train. Snapchat’s main feature involves the ‘snaps’, these snaps are multimedia messages that the user creates. Snaps can be a photo or even a short video where users can even edit to include filters and other effects. Snaps can either be shared publicly or sent through private messages.


SnapExploit is an online hack tool for Snapchat where users would only need the username of the account that they want to secretly access. There are options as to the features that you want to access and you only have to click your choice. Wait for the whole hacking process to finish before you exit, don’t worry because it will only take about a minute or so. In case you trigger the Human Verification system, you’ll only have to answer a simple survey in order to get through. The reason why the verification system might be triggered effort in their part to fight SPAM or BOTS that want to abuse their online hack system.

How Does SnapExploit Work?

As we mentioned, this is an online hack so no download is required. SnapExploit works through internal software which implements the .php language. It’s basically a complex system that the administrators automated and used in order to secure their online platform. The online hacker for Snapchat is updated on a daily basis with brand new exploits, even features are updated or added as often as possible. Of course there are numerous other online hacks available for Snapchat out there but almost all of them are incredibly outdated and a handful don’t even work. SnapExploit is run on a huge scale; there are about 10 people who oversee the hack. snap-hackWhen you use the spy function, it’s recommended that you use only 2 features namely chat logs and download pics. By doing so, there’s little to no chance of the account’s owner to notice anything going on in their Snapchat account. Spying on their Snapchat account is done through hundreds of proxies found on their servers, those are additional security. In order to activate the Snapchat Spy feature, all you have to do is turn on the 2 mentioned features.

All You Need To Know About Mobile Location Tracker!

Mobile location tracker has revolutionised the way we search for our lost phones .Not just lost mobile phones it helps to track down everyone we want to keep a check on.  It has not only changed the way we look for our phones now but has also made the process a lot easier for everyone. Mobile location tracker works on the gps phone tracker technology .

Mobile location tracking has helped all of us in one or more ways , so here is a complete list of things that you should be knowing about gps phone tracker.

  1. Real time Information

All information sent through the gps phone tracker is real time which means that even if the information is deleted from the phone that is being tracked it is still available on the phone that the information has been sent to.


  1. Pre installed

In most of the new age smartphones the gps phone tracker is in built or pre installed. While the techno savvy lot of people know well about it , most of us are unaware of its presence in our phones and hence we are unable to use it  and avail benefits from it. It is questionable if the pre installed version will suit your needs but better versions are always available in the market as it is used both personally and professionally.

  1. How it works


It is very important to understand that how a  mobile location tracker works. It is usually done by multilateration of radio signals among  the  mobile towers and the mobile phone . This process of locating a mobile phone does not require an active call.

4 . Privacy

While people have always questioned about the issue of privacy regarding mobile phones , there are strict measures  taken by companies to ensure the same.

The Benefits Of Sms Spy

There are a number of instances in life where people wised they knew more about a person than they actually do. While people can pretend to like you or behave well with you while you’re around, how they behave behind your back is something that is always questionable. If you doubt a person’s behavior, or loyalty there are a number of ways you can check on them, however not all these methods are effective, affordable and convenient. If you’re looking for an effective way to track a person’s daily activity, the sms spy app is one of the best ways to track a person.


This app is very easy to use, convenient and affordable. The best part about the app is that you do not need to depend on a third person to get you all the information. All this information will come to you on your Smartphone and you can independently spy on someone you want.


With the sms spy app you can have complete control over the activities of anyone that you do not trust. One of the biggest problems of running a business is not being able to know who will sell the trade secrets to your rivals. With the sms spy app you can keep a track on the activities of each of your employees. The app will alert you if anyone has messaged an unknown number or has received a message from an unknown number. You can also input certain keywords in the sms spy app. If any of these words come up in any sent or received messages you will receive an alert from the app. This way you do not have to track the app all the time and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that someone is watching your back all the time.

All You Need To Know About Minecraft Servers

In order to host an MC server, there are several tools which are provided to make it possible to host and manage it. In order for servers to run smoothly and efficiently, they have some requirements which must be met. There are several consideration to be made before any server is created. Think about whom you are creating the server for and how you want to host your server. There are several options to use when creating a server

Option 1


You can decide to host your server on your computer in the house. It is the cheapest option of hosting a server but can be expensive for the monthly data usage. You must forward your router in order for this to work. First check out and determine the type of router you are using, then check out the brand. This two will determine which step by step guide you are to use on port forwarding your router online. The port forwarding allows an outside connect to the router which will be determined by the type of port you choose. This type of hosting is good for beginners as files are very easy to go through and also the plugins are easy to configure.

Option 2


Option two of hosting is renting MC servers from a website. When your rent these servers, you will have an option of different tiers. If you decide to go for a low MC server that has a good connection and high up time you might part with between $3 and $7. This type of servers will give you a gigabyte to a gigabyte and a half of RAM.  If you decide to go for a mid range MC server, it will cost you around $25 and it will give you up to 4 gigabytes of RAM.

MC servers are tough to set but once you get one, you will enjoy the service.