About the Hundred Palms Residences

Located at District 19 in Hougang along the Yio Chu Kang Road, Hundred Palms Residences is the latest project of Hoi Hup Realty. Strategically placed within HBD estate, it stands as an attractive offer for tons of potential clients. Numerous practical establishments and recreational areas surround the Hundred Palms Residences including Hougang 1 Mall and the prestigious Rosyth School; this school is quite famous for their Gifted Education Program. You can be sure that Hundred Palms Residences will be an amazing place because the developer, Hio Hup Realty, has sold out numerous property developments in Singapore. 2-bedroom-condo-01

Hundred Palms Residences

People in Singapore who want to invest in their home and want to settle for a location that’s new and quite vibrant should turn their attention to Hundred Palms Residences. Don’t miss the chance to grab a spot in this executive condominium, we’re sure that other have their eyes on it as well; with the dozens of prestigious schools, entertainment, dinning and shopping amenities surrounding the area, who can blame them? The estimated time of completion is somewhere in the year 2020. Hundred Palms Residences will be made up of 560 units allocated in 9 blocks.Amati-Condo-Griffintown1_1140X640

The land area where it’s being currently built and developed was launched back in February 2016 by HBD; it was closed at an astounding 16 bids. Various rooms and needs are catered to like 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, 4 premiums and more. Within Hundred Palms Residence’s 9 blocks, there will be 560 units in 15 storeys. Out of these rooms, 70{177dad0aa32a70b91569bbee06d22b2c324520dedff86464a778803991b1c3a0} are three bedroom units, 15{177dad0aa32a70b91569bbee06d22b2c324520dedff86464a778803991b1c3a0} are four bedroom units and the rooms that are left are evenly divided into five bedroom and two bedroom units. To get a glimpse of the rooms offered, you can pay a visit to the showrooms.

An Amazing Address In An Amazing District

Martin Modern Guocoland has several features that make it stand out from other constructions in the city. Its design is flawless, and includes a one in a  kind garden. However, one of the primary attractions is of course its location.185846_2

Location, location, location

District 9 has seen increased popularity in recent years. More and more young professionals and established families flock to the neighborhood. Nowadays, it’s just the place to be.

More and more designer boutiques and luxury malls continue to open. Some of the best restaurants and hotels in Asia have established themselves right here by the Singapore river. International cuisine as well as the best Singaporean restaurants are just a few minutes from your door.Aerial-View3You will be ready to take a quick lunchtime visit to amazing restaurants and hotels. Shopaholics will be able to hit a different venue every week and still not be bored. The young and single will have plenty of venues to mingle and make great memories in.

Something for everyone 

The direct location in the city allows every individual niche a resident might have to be fulfilled.  Young professionals from across the city pour in and want to be able to take advantage of the incredible nightlife and daytime activities. Martin Modern just puts you in the center of it all. No matter what background you come from, the size of your family or the industry you work in, you’ll find something perfect for you..

Athletes will love the ready access to several different parks and facilities. Even those with a specific taste for art will find themselves close to STPI, Theatreworks and several local museums.

No matter who you are, one visit to District 9 is all you need to fall in love. Whether it be the boutique shops or cozy cafes, you too will find pride in calling yourself a resident.

Have A Luxury Lifestyle By Staying At An Amazing Place

Singapore has always remained at the center stage when it comes to having a lifestyle which is promising and amazing. If you are looking towards to have the best residence for yourself then the Marina one residences are simply something that can put you in awe. Have you been trying hard to get the best of the things that are working right there for you.

This is basically an integrate development scheme which consists of the offices, retail, and residential area. Also, you can watch out for the location which is simply amazing.



This aspect indeed remains awesome and you have the capability to stay in an area that provides you with everything that can actually prove to be one of the most wondrous experience. There are many of the floors in the residential building which proves its worth for the upcoming stay of yours.

The residential area was being unveiled by the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore which has proved to be worth the investment that the company has to offer. There are many factors which have often proved to be responsible for the meteoric growth of the group of consortium which has resulted in boosting the result for which it was being created.


This construction of marina one is expected to be completed by the year 2017 and afterwards all the units here are going to get booked at a stellar pace. That is why this construction project remains the most in demand when it comes to following at a pace that you will love. This site has become the one which is attracting people from a wide range of area and they have been willing to invest heavily in the residences so the chances are you may not get any of the units if you have not yet entered into the bidding process.

There have been many of the reasons which have actually helped a lot in making the things really easy for those who are trying to acquire a home in the posh surroundings. Owing to the amazing connectivity of the place with the neighboring areas, you have got the option to stay in a place which remains a dream of many when it comes to acquiring the house here.

The location of the construction site is prime and that attracts a number of people to it when it comes to investing here.

Your flourishing business calls for you in the mesmerizing environs of Dubai!!

Dubai is a beautiful and sparkling place that settles for nothing less than the best!! A perfect place for staying, exploring, trading, adventure, entertainment and indeed the most exciting is yet to come; shopping. If you are one of those who are thinking to set up a business in the enormous place of Dubai, then there are certain terms and factors that require your immediate attention so that you can be familiar with the same in the due course of time. Planning and updated knowledge are the two elements that are essential to lead a task to its successful end and therefore it is necessitated to stay acquainted with the related aspects of the business and the pre requisites for setting it up. dafza

What are Dubai free zones?

Free zones in the domain of Dubai are specific and distinctive economic zones that have been set up with the primary objective of bringing about an offering of tax free and also the aspect of free customs duty specified benefits to the modern investors of today. The free zones in Dubai are set up and regulated with respect to a special framework according to the pre-defined rules and regulations that are applicable to the precise free zone.

Making a comprehensive study of the free zones costsCompany-Formation-in-Dubai-Airport-Free-Zone-DAFZ

One of the most crucial and significant step in building up a viable plan for the business is to firstly make a comprehensive study of the initial costs and all the other associated elements of setting up the desired business. The tax free nature of the exquisite place of Dubai appeals to the smart business entrepreneurs but is essential to bring the factor of fees in mind before getting into the details of issuing a specific new trade license. The particular constructive DED’s website brings an amazing offer of a useful and efficient tool which provisions the allowance to the potential owners or entrepreneurs to stimulate the estimate of the fees that is involved in the accessibility of the trade licenses.

Migrating to Dubai for a business set up? Well here are some elements that you should be familiar with. Dubai free zone costs of making a start for a business in the locales of Dubai can be a huge daunting factor. To make it easy for the aspiring business, we bring to you an unambiguous idea of the same.

Dubai free zone business set up costs

Setting up a particular business in the free zone domain has its own benefits and specifically in reference to the costs applicable for the same. The set up costs may vary from one zone to another; basically it depends on the choice of free zone for the business. It also depends on a number of various factors such as the structure of the business, building, nature and also the particular number of visas that have been sorted.

Integral parts of the free zone costs

The following components are the integral parts of the free zone costs: –

  • A one-time applicable fee for the registration of the business in Dubai.
  • A one-time applicable fee for the element of name-reservation
  • An annual set fee for the regulation of business license.
  • An annual fee costs for the specific building
  • Visa fee applicable per individual

It is advised to make a comprehensive study of all the above mentioned elements and then proceed with the initial phase of the business in the sprawling and innovative city of Dubai.