Dallas Health Care Defense

Most of the Dallas healthcare defense cases are involving those who defrauded the Medicare or Medicaid through Identity theft, false diagnosis and treatment, unfair billing, and identity theft. Each of the cases carries a high fine and there are several residents of Dallas who are currently in court awaiting thejudgment of their cases, busy defending themselves or even rotting in jail for long term cases involving the aforementioned.


False Diagnosis, Healthcare Fraud

When you are caught with an identity theft in Dallas, you will have to face a Dallas healthcare defense to exonerate yourself. This fraud happens when false information about the diagnosis of a patient are presented in order to obtain compensation. It is made by the fraudsters obtaining access to patient’s medical records and enters the diagnosis of medical conditions which they do not have.  They even go a notch higher by altering the patient’s conditions to serious ones than what the patient actually is suffering from. From there,the scammers then use the records and submit them to scam insurances to enable them to get fraudulent payments.  Unless it is unearthed, the patient will continue to receive wrong medications due to the alterations in their records. That is why, when one is found on a Dallas healthcare, defense,  it becomes so hard to be pardoned.


Fraud of Unfair Billing

This type of fraud happens when a client is charged for treatment and services which have not been offered or even charging them expensively. At times the service providers may perform the unnecessary procedure in order to generate insurance payment. Fraudsters in this category do present non-covered insurance procedures to seem to be insured example being cosmetic surgery being billed as a normal procedure.  Another way unfair billing is done is by unbundling  a procedure and make it seem separate procedures while in areal sense it is a single procedure. Accepting waivers,  co-pays, and deductibles after receiving kickbacks, over billing, are under this type of Medicare fraud.

Medical documents

Effects of Fraud in Medicare

Healthcare fraud is one of the worst crimes against humanity as it not only empty pockets of the insurance provider, but it also affects the covered people due to their records being altered as per the fraudster’s wish. It also leads to higher premiums, restricted benefits,  higher co-pays, chances of insurance refusing to cover a client who has been a victim of the health care fraud.

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