Develop Physical Fitness While You Holiday-Weight Loss Boot Camps Come To The Rescue!

There has been a remarkable increase in the importance of staying fit and healthy all over the world. People have become health conscious and aspire to have a healthy and a fit body. But owing to the daily struggles and routine life, weight loss is not easy to achieve. This has paved the way for advent of Weight Loss Boot camps across different countries. Thailand is one such country which has become increasingly popular as a fitness destination over the last decade.

The concept of Weight loss boot camp thailand chiang mai is particularly popular destination that is known to help people develop physical fitness and a good health regime. It serves both the purpose for the tourist to enjoy a holiday at such an exotic location along with self-development. Such camps prove very beneficial to people who look out for achieving fitness along with fun and pleasure.


Weight Loss and a good body shape are not only beneficial for a pleasing personality but it also tends to develop confidence and boosts up the morale of a person. Some of the popular Boot Camps that have witnessed a great success and have helped people in achieving good physical fitness are as follows:

Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket

This Boot camp is at present the most popular boot camp for people who are looking to learn Muay Thai which is a mixed type of martial art.The fitness program at Tiger Muay includes a variety of exercises such as western boxing, Yoga exercises and other types of high and low intensive exercises.

Chiva Som, Hua Hin

This is a multi-tier luxury resort which also conducts a fitness program ranging for period of four to fourteen days. Apart from that it is intensely popular for its various kinds of massage and reiki practices which are unique and worth experiencing.


Kombat Group, Pattaya

This program at Pattaya is a balanced program which focuses on physical exercises by keeping a balance on nutritional intake. The best part here is that they design their fitness program catering to the client’s need and his/her current level of physical fitness.

Phuket Fit, Phuket

This boot camp works on the idea of giving you an initial start so that you end up gaining the desired level of physical fitness. It is a mix of training, coaching,meditation as well as education.

Hence, the idea of gaining good physical fitness through Boot Camps seems to be a beneficial for people who want to enjoy as well begin a journey of good self-development.

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