Futon Bed-The Japanese Gift To Humanity

To every item under the sun, there is an origin. Without any form of controversy, Futon bed is a gift from the Japanese technology to the world. We have the Japanese model of this bed as well as the ones that are meant for the western world. There is variety in the makeup and design of this bed. It is a convertible bed in the sense that it can be folded after use thereby converting your erstwhile bedroom to other purposes after you might have awoken from your rest on the bed.

As stated earlier, this is a traditional Japanese bed that consists of the following:

  • Quilted mattress– this is usually laid on the floor. It is referred to as the spreading futon.
  • The Duvet– This is the covering of the futon.


In a nutshell, it is bedding set that consists of the two parameters defined above. The combinations of the two makes the complete set of this bed. The Japanese variant can be folded and kept away when it not in use. The room can therefore serve other purposes during the day other than that of a bedroom.

For the western brand of this Japanese bed, it has a marked difference in design. The design is in the form of a low wooden sofa like beds. It cannot be folded like its Japanese counterparts. However, it can be used for a dual purpose. You either use it as a bed when you are tired or deserve some rest. When you are awake and live, it serves as a sofa for you as well as for your family as well as your guests as the need may arise.


The mattress of the western model is placed on a configurable wood or metal rest to serve the dual purpose. The design of the frame is such that it can fold in the middle. When you want to sleep, it is stretched flat for convenience. On the other hand, if you desire to have it as a sofa, then the frame is so adjusted to the desired angle.

The outer covering of the bed is designed in such a manner that it can be removed at will and replaced. This is in other to bring out a blend between the bed and the interior decorations of the room- with particular emphasis on the floor in this case.

This Japanese technology has what it takes to guarantee a deserved rest after a hard day’s work.


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