Getting Rid of a Hickey

You just met a person at the bar and things get interesting. So they take you to their apartment, and the next thing you know is he or she is already sucking at your neck! Now, you don’t want to disturb them, so you have to think of a remedy to get rid of it the next morning. This article will teach you how to get rid of a hickey, and how to get it rid fast. Listen up, for this article pertaining to how to get rid of a hickey will save you from embarrassment. 297f1fface82f148f138615abd643760

What are hickeys?

A hickey is a kind of skin blemish caused by a person, mostly a lover, sucking your neck or any part of your skin for a long period of time. The sucking will cause the blood vessels to break leaving a soft bruise on your skin. Hickeys can last to two or three days and is really evident, especially if it is in an area outside your clothes.

Getting rid of hickeys are important for it can help you to not shame yourself. The following will teach you how to get rid of

Getting rid of hickeys

There are several ways of how to get rid of hickeys, though one way may not work for the other. Find the perfect way on how to get rid of hickeys below;

  • Use the back of a cold spoon to act like a cold compress for your hickey. Refrigerate the spoon for 8 to 10 minutes and apply it into the blemish afterwards. This will work if the hickey is still fresh.
  • Use the inside peel of a banana. This may sound stupid but it actually works. The inside peel will help speed up the healing process. Repeat up to 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Eat foods that are high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K foods helps in breaking blood clots. Therefore making your hickey disappear.

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