Best Gaming Monitor

                A simple search online and you’d realize that there are hundreds and hundreds of gaming monitors available out there. They differ in brand, size, price, refresh rate and such. If you read this guide, you might be able to decide on the perfect gaming monitor for you. First of all there is no single ‘best’ monitor out there; it heavily depends on the preference of the user as well as their requirements. Many think that a gaming monitor should at least be 24 inches in order to optimize the gaming experience, but some still prefer smaller monitors because of a lack in desk space and they are the cheaper authoritative source

HP Pavillion 22xw

Gamers who are searching for a 22 inch gaming monitor with acceptable features even at a budget might want to turn to the HP Pavillion 22xw. The display of this monitor’s viewable screen has 21.5 inches and an accurate IPS panel. It costs less than 100 dollars, people not only purchase them for gaming purposes but for just about any everyday activity; you can choose from black and white in terms of colors. As for the appearance of the monitor itself, it’s quite stylish with its narrow bezel and Full HD authoritative sourceThe LED backlighting of the monitor easily enables a high screen performance. As for connectivity, it supports VGA, HDMI and HDCP. Adjusting the angle of the monitor can be achieved by simple tilting 2 forward up to 25 degrees backward. Because of the sleek and slim style of the monitor, it can easily fit even at tight spaces.

Of course there are other monitor sizes available for this specific model and design but the HP Pavillion 22xw monitor would be the smallest and most budget friendly option. Don’t worry, with its features and appearance you won’t be able to tell the price.

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