How To Maintain The Air Conditioning Machine

The air con machine has so many components which need to be understood well by the purchaser so that when it comes to maintenance, you know what you are repairing and its function in the system. To understand this better, just contact the air con repair Singapore experts, they will give you all the information you need to know about an air conditioning machine, the types and how to maintain each. Be in the know by working closely with experts.

The Duct


When this part of the system is not working well, the system may produce less cold air. This is normally due to a leakage in the duct, which normally saps at 20 per cent to 40 per cent of energy out of an air conditioner. If the duct is outside like in garages, attics, or crawlspaces, it needs to be well insulated. There are various products which can be used to insulate the duct, which can be installed by professionals like the air con repair Singapore. If the leak is sealed, you might get more air passing through for your use. As a first aid, you can use mastic to seal the leak as you wait for the professionals to arrive.

Making it Work Better

The way an air conditioner work can be improved  so that you get better results. This can be achieved by making it to do less work. When you reduce the workload in the internal or improve the way the building is structured, you will get your air conditioner doing less work. Improving the building can be done by shading windows, increasing insulation level  or reducing air leaks. When this improvement is done, the energy spent on cooling and heating will be reduced, though doing so will require a substantial investment of  time. But if you contact the air con repair Singapore, they can do it at a discount.


Importance of Ventilation

A good air conditioner should be able to dehumidify, ventilation, humidity, heat, cool and clean in order to provide you with comfort and health.  Ventilation is very important and without ventilation, contaminants will start being produced in house which will become hazardous to your health and comfort in general. Air con repairs Singapore are there to help you in knowing what to do to avoid this from happening.

For more advice, don’t shy off from contacting air con Singapore  in order to be sorted out.

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