Its Out and Out Safe to Consume Carrageenan

Those who are having some knowledge about food additive and know few names, Carrageenan is something that they must be aware of. This food additive is taken out  from red seaweed which is widely identified as Irish moss but its real name is Chondrus crispus. This specific food additive comes with no dietetic value so there is no opportunity and possibility for it to cause any difference in human body. This additive is used to improve the quotient of thickening and emulsifying in cottage cheese, ice cream, soy milk and varying other processed food items. Few think that this food additive should be banned as it contains harmful ingredients, which may cause malignant ailments like cancer, but the fact of the matter is, recent study and research analysis have proved that this particular ingredient comes with next to no such components which may result in cancer. small-carrageenan

Brands love this product

Today number of renowned brands are bent on using this food additive to separate their ingredients from mixing. This is not something a contemporary phenomenon but for years and ages, this additive has been used without any worry and disturbance. From kid to adult, each and every one is taking milk products having this additive nearly on regular basis and having no health problem so far. Carrageenan is a polysaccharide and extensively used to improve the texture of food items, fairly submissive and simple to crank out, this additive causes no side effect even when consumed in huge measure.54

Availability of carrageenan 

Today this algae  can be traced in varying items including not only food but different cosmetics such as soy and almond milks, cheese, yogurt, toothpaste, foundations, protein powders and lipstick. This additive is today used all across the world as researchers have nullified all the claims of banning carrageenan  and labeling its safe to be included anywhere. All the major countries are using this additive and facing no trouble so far. Major brands while listing down their core ingredients mention the additive as well without hiding anywhere. So if the ingredient was that bad, companies wont have mentioned it and kept on using the same without bothering at any point.

Wrong testing wrong result

It is seen, that when it comes to animal testing, carrageenan  is most of the time injected directly into the body without mixing it with food. So this ingredient sometimes act differently. Carrageenan is something not injected, so accepting the test results blindly would definitely be unwise. Today this component is mixed with infant food and there is no report of infants undergoing health issues even after prolong consumption.

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