Popular Terms Used As Units For Measuring Marijuana

Are you a regular user of marijuana? Remember to ask for marijuana in quantities of grams. When you buy in grams, you can be assured of the correct quantity. Regarding the quality of the product you buy, there are testing labs that can analyze and give reports of the content of CBD and THC in the weed. Buyers usually buy weed in quantities like one gram or 1 8 weed.

Common Quantities of Purchasing Weed


Weed is measured in quantities of grams. One gram is the smallest quantity of weed that is usually bought. It is the general standard though you can get quantities that are less than a gram. One gram of weed is generally sold for about $20. A gram contains very little quantity of weed but over time you will be able to identify if you get the right quantity at a glance.


An ounce is usually referred to as O and gives about 8 eighths or 4 quarters. Having an ounce will give you too high a feeling which is not good if you are the only person using it.



1 8 weed will give you one eighth of an ounce of weed. 1 8 weed contains 3.54 grams and will cost you around $60. If you are a regular buyer you may also get it at a discount.


A quarter or quad is 7 grams. It is ¼ of an ounce or two eighth quad. The quad is sold at $120 in the dispensary. Though it is quite a high quantity for a first time user as it makes him a bit stony and too much to handle.



A half refers to 14 grams as it is 4 eighths or 2 quarters. This half generally costs about 180. However this quantity cannot be taken by a single person and will have to be shared such as in a party.


For a huge crowd, you require a pound of weed. You can compare notes with your friends about details like where to buy, the best sellers of weed, the cost of the weed etc. You can also buy for a kilo. But they cost a lot and can be used when the number of people consuming it is high.

If you are still new to the slang terms used while buying weed, you will not be familiar with the weight for the weed bought. It would be best if you bought a digital scale to measure that you get the right quantity. Usually buyers prefer a gram of weed or 1 8 weed. With practice, you can easily identify if the quantity you have received is correct. Another point to be noted is that the quantity of the weed also defers with the quality as each quality of weed has different measure. So, it is best to identify the quantity of weed that you usually buy such as $10; $20 of weed; a quad or 1 8 weed. You can prove to be smarter than your seller if you check.

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