Professional Hosting or Self Hosting?

Having a website could be a great way of making money; either by starting an online business from the scratch or by taking an already existing business online for better sales and market distribution. However, building a website take time and effort and not all businesses can manage that. In order to reduce the stress on an individual, there are professional web hosting firms who work for money. Most of them ensure the best quality, but the pricing isn’t very low really. If you run a small business, should you go for professional hosting or self-hosting? Also, if you are located at Spain then could help you up with the knowledge base.  3392-website-hosting

Points to Assess

Here are some points you should assess.

  • Technical Support: A website needs constant technical support. Even if it doesn’t, one person should be standby in case things go west. Website uptime in businesses is very crucial. If you can’t manage a 24/7 support assistant, get a professional hosting service subscription.
  • System Configuration: A server system should be properly configured to provide required service. Setting up a server is easy but keeping it reliable could be little difficult. Scalability is another issue. If all these sound like a child’s play to you then a self-hosted hosting should be just fine.
  • Backup: The storage of a website server should be regularly backed-up automatically. Just in case of a data loss event, the data needs to be restored as fast as possible. This is a professional’s job for the most cases, but self-hosted servers are fine as well.
  • Security: Security is very crucial and serious in web hosting services. Especially in eCommerce, it is necessary to take necessary measures to protect against user data theft, credit card data theft etc. Also, even simple attacks like DDoS can make a system vulnerable.web-hosting-india


This 4 points are the challenges that a website faces every now and then. If you are capable of tackling all these, then a self-hosted website hosting is for you; otherwise go for a professional vendor.

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