Some Great Animated Movies

We loved cartoons and animation when we were growing up and the world of animation has followed us to our responsible world sending wonderful messages through animated plots and graphics. I’m pretty sure that you have watched some animation movies and if you have missed out on the good ones then you can go 123movies and watch any movie you want for free online. We have made a list for the amount of movies that you need to watch.


123moviesWall-E was Pixar’s bravest experiment, an experiment that turned out amazing and has indeed set a standard for the label now. This movie which is based on a futuristic society shows the story of a trash collecting robot amongst the fragments of a neglected society, something that he cherishes falling in love with a hi tech probe droid and falling in love with a high tech probe droid and get reconnected to the remains of humanity. The movie is satirical with almost no dialogues and yet the movie is warm and funny, something that gives us hopes.


Big Hero 6 is a very positive movie that tells us to focus on what we want to do in life and to be good human beings, never losing our focus. This movie focuses on two brothers who are very good with gadgets and the elder brother comes up with an idea that will help humanity reach better health levels but there is an unknown villain who seeks revenge.123movies


Ratatouille is one movie that received a lot of appreciation from all over the world earning over hundred million dollars. It is about a rat that has a refined palate and has a culinary dream to become a chef. The movie celebrates critics and the borderline art house animation and the depiction of Paris in the movie will make you fall in love with the movie and the city.

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