Story behind the origin of House Music

One of the greatest things about any art is that it has no boundaries and if it has the potential to touch hearts, it does not take very long to spread beyond its place of origin to the whole world. Music is once such form of art and it can very explain the magical effect that can be produced in any art as a result of the fusion of two different styles or cultures. House music is one of the most popular forms of dance music that originated from Chicago. There is an interesting story behind the origin of the term “House Music” and it also explains the origin of this form of music. It is also popular as music mix because of the popular variations of house music that have derived by mixing it with other forms of music.  1370028615653_20130701112000798

Everything about house music is connected to a club in Chicago which was known by the name, “The Warehouse”. The club was active in the period from 1977 to 1983 after which it was closed. The members of the club mainly included blacks living in America. The main attraction of the club was Frankie Knuckles. People who joined the club loved his style of music and cam e to the club to dance to the base of the music. The members of the club used to call him “grandfather of the house.” After the club was closed in 1983, most of the members of the club joined started to attend the new club opened by Knuckles. The name of this new club was “The Power Plant”.

According to the Knuckles, as he was moving by car with his friends, he noticed that there was a sign board which read “We Play house music). One of the friends of Knuckle who was with him in the car cracked a joke that the music which was played by him was just like that the house music that was displayed by him at the club. This gave the idea about the term for the first time. There are many other stories involving some other artists who claim to have given this term of house music. D J Leonard “Remix Roy thinks that it has he used this term for the first time and then it came to be known to the people around the world. He self-claimed that he used this term to represent the form of music that he presented at the

Irrespective of the truth behind the origin of the term “House music”, one thing is very sure that it started from some or the other club from Chicago. That is why it is also referred as the Chicago Club music by some people. This form of music got its special place and was preferred more as there were very few forms of music that made use of the modern electronic instruments. These instruments were not available earlier and hence none of the forms of music had ever made use of electronic instruments to such an extent as this form of music.

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