The Future Of Sporting Entertainment

Sports is an important part of our lives, it helps us grow our physical and mental strength and also helps us to learn more. It is very important to instil a culture of sports in our society so that we enjoy an all round development of the body. We recently saw the Olympics which brings together all the sports stars from all around the world, the people who excel in their field of sport and these sporting personalities compete with each other to win their country a medal in the prestigious stage. In this article you will be learning about the history of some of the sports and tournaments that you could be practising for if you are passionate or some of the sports that you can even enjoy as a viewer.


Tennis is one of the popular sports in the world and has a very high viewership from various parts of the world. The people who play this sport are known all around the world like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams. They are sponsored by huge brands and are marketing giants. Tennis is a non contact sport that is played on a court that could be made of grass or clay or could even be hard court. There are three formats of the game and they are singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Martina Navratilova, the most decorated player in the history of the sport won a lot of trophies in various formats of the sport. The players hit balls at each other within a particular region with the help of racquets and the player, who misses falls behind on the points table to the other player. They play for sets and the player with the most set, wins the game. There are various tournaments the ATP tours and then there are the Grand Slams namely the Australian Open, the U.S. Open, the French Open and the Wimbledon. Tennis is also played in the Olympics.



This is an exhilarating sport with a lot of adrenaline involved. Drivers drive their cars at an average speed of 240 km/hr and many motor companies in the world boasting their supremacy in car and machine designs. As you can understand that this brand of sport just isn’t just about the driver, but it is also about the car constructors that are providing the drivers with the car as everyone doesn’t get the same car. Since the 1950’s this sport has been conducted and it really became an international brand under Bernie Ecclestone who recently sold it to the Liberty Media Group. The tournament and racing is held in various tracks around the world, through a time period. In the end of the time period the driver with the most points is the winner and the constructors with the most points are the winners in their field. Every team can have two drivers and Michael Schumacher has won the most championships with Ferrari taking the most constructors championship.


Cricket is the nest upcoming sport as you can see the sport spreading so fast and quickly after the success of the various domestic leagues like the Indian Premier League. This game that was brought together by the English and introduced by them in their various colonies during the 1800’s is also known as the Gentleman’s Game. Previously there was only format known as the Test Cricket but right now there are three in total with the addition o the One Day format and the T20 format. This game is played between two teams of eleven members each and a team bowls at a team while the other team attempts at hitting the ball with wooden bats. The team with the most runs in the end wins the game. This game is still played by only a few countries but is slowly spreading worldwide. The famous tournaments are the various World Cups, the Ashes and the Champions Trophy. There are a lot of rivalries in the game like India-Pakistan and England-Australia.



This is an amazing game which doesn’t require much fitness or strength but requires more mental strength due the concentration, accuracy and patience required in the game. This game is played by people of all age groups but poor people can’t play golf as this game requires a lot of finance. This game requires you to put a ball into a hole from a starting point with the use of golf clubs and this game is played in various kinds of terrains. The person who does it with the least shots is considered the winner. Right now golf is generally concentrated in the United States and Europe but you do find certain Asian countries emerging as the next big thing in the sports. There are a lot of tournaments played worldwide with a huge range of sponsors and some of the popular tournaments are PGA Championship, the Masters and the US Open.

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