The Guide To Picking The Right Hamster Cage

Hamsters are very cute, furry and tiny and getting them home as a pet is a great idea. Hamsters are very lovable and kids enjoy playing with them. However, when you get home a hamster you also need to check for the various hamster cages available in the market. Your hamster needs a home to live and although some people think they can keep their hamsters outside a cage, this often ends in disaster. Hamsters can escape from your home and fall prey to larger animals. They are also known to chew up wires which could leave you with some serious damage.


When looking for hamster cages make sure you pick one that is large. One of the main reasons you need to look for a large hamster cage is because these pets are very active and they love moving around. Not giving them enough space to do so means encouraging them to break though the cage and escape. Hamsters have strong teeth and they can break out of cages which is why it is also important to invest in a good quality, strong cage that won’t break. Always add some toys for your hamster to play with.

There are a number of hamster cages that are available in the market. The most common type of hamster cage is the bar cage. This type of cage is one of the best types for a hamster. However selecting the perfect bar cage for your hamster can be extremely tricky. You need to ensure that the space between the bars should not be too much. This will encourage the hamster to escape from the cage. There may be a possibility of the hamster trying to chew the bars on the cage as well. Having a bar cage can be a bit noisy due to the constant chewing on the bars as well.


Another type of cage is the plastic modular cage. These cages come with extra fittings and add on’s that will help make your hamsters life fun. The plastic cages come with tubes that will help the hamster run around the cage. The third type of cage that is available for hamsters is a glass tank. Although glass tanks are heavy to move around they are sturdy and extremely spacious. You can also place accessories in the tank and ensure that the hamster does not escape.

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