The Purposes Of The Badges Available Throughout The Game

For the best Nba online gaming experience, you want to ensure you unlock all the new and exciting features of the game. For nba 2k17 badges guides, you can get valuable tips on how to unlock some of the best features of the game. A simple trick is usually to start the game by picking a 4 tier team. Immediately you should foul a player from the opposing team and then exit the game. This process will earn you at least 500 VC.  In order to get the most out of the game you can follow these simple tips;


  • Unlock all the badges using the locker codes 2K 17 guide
  • Earn 7 or more points to come off the bench
  • Make more than 200 hop shots to access difficult shots
  • Play as often as you can

If you accomplish numerous tasks you can get access to various grand badges which provide you with temporary buffs in the matches. These are good options since it means your chances of winning a game are boosted. For instance, earning a badge can allow you to shoot from anywhere in the court and still score points.


The Purposes Of The Badges Available Throughout The Game

There are different types of badges for diverse purposes. The personality badges will see to it that you get off the bench and earn you at least 7 points. The play making badges are best matched for point guards. There are badges for offense and defense too. If you block 100 shots you earn yourself the rim protector badge.

There are a total of 55 badges. All these badges have a way of impacting the player in a distinctive way. Therefore if you want to achieve complete triumph in your games you should grab most of these badges.

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