Tips on Choosing a Wedding Disc Jockey

Choosing a תקליטן לחתונה is one of the most important steps in planning your big day. A versatile and experience DJ can make your wedding reception fun and memorable. The wrong wedding disc jockey can ruin the event.

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You can ask family members and friends for referrals of any wedding disc jockey they know with a remarkable reputation of handling wedding receptions. Try to ask your event coordinator or wedding planner if they can recommend a professional wedding DJ. It’s often a good idea to hire a DJ who has already worked at the wedding venue as he is already familiar with the set-up.

Interview at least 3 wedding DJ companies and ask if they could give you a video of their DJs in action at a real event. Videos allow you to see the DJ in action and see how they interact with and motivate the guests. Make sure that the wedding disc jockey you interview is the same one who will come to your event.

You can also consider working with a DJ who can work by a written contract that outlines exact times, dates and special requests. Ask him about his fees for a particular block of time as well as how many overtime requests he can handle. These terms should be stated in the contract, so there won’t be disappointments or unexpected surprises at your wedding

It is also important to know if the DJ specializes in a particular music genre and how open he is to your propositions. Determine if he accepts special requests from guests. You should also know how many songs he expects playing. The number of songs played is usually between 50 and 60. You should know whether they will use rented equipment or bring their own dance floor, equipment or stage. Choose the wedding disc jockey that can satisfy your requirements.

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