Tips On Upgrading Your PS4 Internal Hard Drive

Enjoying various games with your PS4 and watching video clips will never be possible especially if you tend to download a lot of them. If you are planning to get more storage spare for your PS4, it is about time that you get your PS4 internal hard drive upgraded. All that you have to do is to follow some tips and you are off to a good start in getting more storage space for your device.PS4 PRO SSDSo, how can you get started? First thing is finding the type of PS4 internal hard drive that you want to use for your device. Keep in mind that regardless of how much storage you want to get, you need to make sure that it will not measure more than 9.5mm thick. Your options with a 2TB drive can somehow be limited but for a 1TB drive, you have pretty much different options available.

Back Up Your Files

Before proceeding to getting a new PS4 internal hard drive installed, take time to back up all your files either by cloud especially if you are a PlayStation Plus member or get another storage space available just to store your files. Once done, turn your PS4 off and remove all other cables connected to it and then you can start removing the old HDD and then install the new one. The entre process doesn’t require much technical know-how as long as you know how to screw and unscrew.PS4 PRO SSDAfter this, you can start reinstalling the system software. As much as possible install the latest version to get the best experience with your new drive and then plug in all the cables to your device. Lastly, reinstall all other games that you have downloaded and enjoy all the benefits of more space ready to be filled with more games and other files.

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