Types of Courier Van Insurance

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the concept of insurance as we are covered with one. There are several types available which covers courier vans: one that will cover the basics for fire, theft and accident or a little more specific for your needs and requirements. The prices of these courier van insurance vary accordingly on the model and condition of your van. The work load and extent of the van will also entail additional because for instance, overseas courier shipping may need legal protection and breakdown. To cover the basics, here are the tree basic types of insurance cover: truck-insurance-image-e1482937352458

  1. Third Party Insurance – this is the minimum insurance which the law requires. This does not cover theft, any damage or loss.
  2. Fully Comprehensive Insurance – this type of insurance covers accidental damages.
  3. Third Party for fire and theft insurance – Third party insurance for fire and theft and theft is a combination between the two insurances before. However, this type of insurance now covers any fire or theft.bottomofpageimage1

Now since your vehicle is covered with insurance it would be best to consider goods-in-transit insurance covered to ensure that whatever it is you are transporting is sufficiently insured.  Due to the extra cover you need to pay for, if you’re wondering how you can keep your courier van insurance cost down here are some tips that might just be of use to you.

  • Proper storage, ideally a garage, of all of your vans will reduce risks of vandalism and theft.
  • You can arm your van with an alarm or an immobilizer. This can lower insurance cost.
  • Paying higher excess price will lower the cost of your policy in the long run.
  • Have you seen those signs among vans which asks, “Am I a Good Driver?” Those can bring down the cost of your van insurance.