Various Types Of Cscs Cards

Those who apply for CSCS card have numerous kinds of cards to choose from. So basically, the kind of card that you will apply depends greatly on the job you’re hoping to get alongside the qualifications that the examinee currently possesses; the qualifications should be relevant to the construction industry. Right now, there are about thirteen different types of CSCS cards. The cards were created with the intention of properly educating workers to further enhance the competency of the work sites. You will be able to receive your card after you successful pass the Health, Safety and Environment test.

Cards Available


The following are some of the cards given to successful applicant, before you can ever be considered for a job concerning a construction company then you crucially need a CSCS card.

  • Yellow – considered as visitors, they don’t really do any kind of construction work but they frequently go to construction sites.
  • Green – known as construction site operatives, they are people who have achieved the N/SVQ level 1 or those who achieved recommendation from their employers; they must also have basic site skills.
  • White or Yellow – known as professionally qualified person, these are professionals who are approved by the CSCS.
  • Red – titled as experienced workers, ted cards are given to those who possess a minimum of one year relevant on the job experience.


  • Blue – the skilled workers, these are cards for trainees who have already attained level 2 S/NVQ or have gone under an apprenticeship approved by their employer. The said apprenticeship should have earned them the City and Guilds of London Institute Advanced Crafts Certificate.
  • Gold – considered as advanced craft or supervisory, these are given to those that reached the Level 3 S/NVQ. They have finished the indentured apprenticeship or gone under an apprenticeship approved by their employer.

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