What is Whatsapp plus?

We all know about Whatsapp app, but many of us are don’t even heard about Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp Plus is the advanced version of Whatsapp and also of its features. Whatsapp plus is as same as the Whatsapp but it had a different icon of blue color. Whatsapp Plus is an alternative of the current Whatsapp with some additional features. You might be surprised after knowing that you can enjoy the all functions with Whatsapp plus what a Whatsapp offers to its users. I think the users of Whatsapp plus are more satisfied than the Whatsapp users.

Some legal issues  Screenshot_20170322_064225

Maybe Whatsapp plus don’t give you the same security features as the original one offers. Whatsapp plus is not serving you the privacy functions as like the original Whatsapp.  Now Whatsapp plus is not founded by us on the play store because of some legal issues. I don’t think  play store offers you Whatsapp Install  in future.  The place from where you can download it is some specific sites on the internet.WhatsApp-Android-update-1-640x348

Vital information about Whatsapp plus

A Spanish developer named as Rafale did some changes in the UI system of the Whatsapp and add some additional features to it. This results in the Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp plus is also liked by its users. Let’s know about some difference between the Whatsapp and Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp plus allow us to customize the app whereas Whatsapp doesn’t. Current Whatsapp has only one theme and the users can’t change it but the users of Whatsapp plus can change the themes as well as the styles of the conversations also. Whatsapp plus offers its users to change the whole look of the app according to the choices and what they love. Users can also send big files, videos and high-quality images to their contacts.