Wifi Password Hacking Is Trending Very Fast

The necessity to use the internet connection is raising high because of the global shift to the virtual world. Every small job or a business is depending upon this massive system. Internet connection if of two types that is wireless and wired. Wireless networks are known as WiFi. It is being used in multi buildings, commercial places, societies, individual domestic region and the institutions. Nowadays, cities are becoming free wifi connectivity zones called as smart cities. So if you are need of a wifi password hack 2017 for a nearest wifi network that is available in your range but secured with a password, then you must understand the significant tools and methods used in the process.

Wifi security- encryption and its method

It is very necessary to know about the technical terms used during the wifi password. There are three methods of encryption which are the chief sources for wireless network password hack.

WEP- it is a wired equivalent privacy system which can be easily cracked when an appropriate configuration is executed on the device. It takes only few minutes to grab the network connectivity by using the wifi password hack 2017 application link online.


WPA– WiFi protected access requires a strong security provisions. But hackers have taken out several hack tools to crack its security borders these days. It may require certain hacking apps and the rooted android device.

WPA2- this is the same secured network method which is sued to provide higher security measures to a wifi password. The password of the network secured by WPA2 can be cracked when the packet generation encryption is executed by the professional from the wifi access points.

Technique for hacking

Those who are interested in gaining the knowledge about the wifi password hack 2017, they should follow the below mentioned technical methods sincerely-

You require two things-

  • Kali Linux OS
  • External Wi-Fi Adapter or an Inbuilt Wi-Fi Device

Process (1)

Hack wifi password by using the wifite

Wifite is a platform tool which is Linux based and it is available on different operating system such as Kali, backtrack 5, BackBox, Pentoo and BlackBunto. Wifite attacks versatile encrypted networks at the same time and it is customized to automate with the few.  Wifite is an auditing tool that has an objective that is widely used for hacking.


WEP based hacking

The wifi password hack 2017 is based on the WEP security hacking system. It is easy to hack the password of the network which is secured by the WEP. By using the wifite tool you can follow these steps-

  • Choose the target NUMBER in order to crack the pin
  • The attack for password crack should be done within 10 minutes starting from the first attempt
  • Choose any NUM attack for example – NUM 2
  • You can attack for at least 5 times in which it is quite possible to crack easily by the layaman even
  • Make sure that the attack is completed within 10 minutes

So what are you waiting for? Get the excellent network strength available nearby and save a lot of money and time in getting a wifi connection. You can use the set up for wifi password hack 2017 on your rooted android device.

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