You are not eating it right!

You might not believe this but yes, the natural food that you are having and are thinking to be pristine and healthy actually have a lot of fatal consequences. Yes you heard it right. A NATURAL food can betray you and put the lives of you and your dear ones in risk. carrageenan-ttac

What are the carrageenan side effects? We are going to find out in this article.

Carrageenan side effects!

Generally listed as one of the “natural” ingredients in the food labels of major food industries, carrageenan, derived from highly processed seaweed is a common food additive. Carrageenan went famous over night since its discovery but all hell broke loose after thorough research found chemical indigenous to the human health in it. It is very much crucial to keep in the mind that these edible seaweeds that have amassed so much popularity in the recent times are actually having a lot of adverse effects.hpv-grafik_de_01_9b4276333f


Carrageenan is portrayed to be a natural ingredient on the food packaging that it comes in. But, it is not a natural ingredient. It is an ingredient that is mixed with packaged food and spreads to make the food items thicker in nature, so that in products like ketchup the amount of water can still be present and make it in the form of a thicker substance. if carrageenan was not present, we would not be able to use the spread as spreads or sauces like sauces. Every packaged food item would have become liquid in nature.

Although it comes from natural products it is far away from being natural. It is so harmful, due to the fact that it is undigestible, that it can cause ulcers and internal bleeding. When tested on animals, over a prolonger period of time, it showed that it lead to gastrointestinal cancer in animals.

Prolonged use of carrageenan and products that contain it can lead to diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. almost all kinds of carrageenan has the capability to cause inflammation. and it is no new information that inflammation leads to not only internal organ diseases but it’s impact could harm your nervous system, leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

if this has not yet made you think twice about what you ingest, then you need to consult a dietician, and get your food habits looked at. do not let these problems sweep past you because who know when and who could be the next victim of carrageenan’s drastic, chronic effects on health.

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