Your flourishing business calls for you in the mesmerizing environs of Dubai!!

Dubai is a beautiful and sparkling place that settles for nothing less than the best!! A perfect place for staying, exploring, trading, adventure, entertainment and indeed the most exciting is yet to come; shopping. If you are one of those who are thinking to set up a business in the enormous place of Dubai, then there are certain terms and factors that require your immediate attention so that you can be familiar with the same in the due course of time. Planning and updated knowledge are the two elements that are essential to lead a task to its successful end and therefore it is necessitated to stay acquainted with the related aspects of the business and the pre requisites for setting it up. dafza

What are Dubai free zones?

Free zones in the domain of Dubai are specific and distinctive economic zones that have been set up with the primary objective of bringing about an offering of tax free and also the aspect of free customs duty specified benefits to the modern investors of today. The free zones in Dubai are set up and regulated with respect to a special framework according to the pre-defined rules and regulations that are applicable to the precise free zone.

Making a comprehensive study of the free zones costsCompany-Formation-in-Dubai-Airport-Free-Zone-DAFZ

One of the most crucial and significant step in building up a viable plan for the business is to firstly make a comprehensive study of the initial costs and all the other associated elements of setting up the desired business. The tax free nature of the exquisite place of Dubai appeals to the smart business entrepreneurs but is essential to bring the factor of fees in mind before getting into the details of issuing a specific new trade license. The particular constructive DED’s website brings an amazing offer of a useful and efficient tool which provisions the allowance to the potential owners or entrepreneurs to stimulate the estimate of the fees that is involved in the accessibility of the trade licenses.

Migrating to Dubai for a business set up? Well here are some elements that you should be familiar with. Dubai free zone costs of making a start for a business in the locales of Dubai can be a huge daunting factor. To make it easy for the aspiring business, we bring to you an unambiguous idea of the same.

Dubai free zone business set up costs

Setting up a particular business in the free zone domain has its own benefits and specifically in reference to the costs applicable for the same. The set up costs may vary from one zone to another; basically it depends on the choice of free zone for the business. It also depends on a number of various factors such as the structure of the business, building, nature and also the particular number of visas that have been sorted.

Integral parts of the free zone costs

The following components are the integral parts of the free zone costs: –

  • A one-time applicable fee for the registration of the business in Dubai.
  • A one-time applicable fee for the element of name-reservation
  • An annual set fee for the regulation of business license.
  • An annual fee costs for the specific building
  • Visa fee applicable per individual

It is advised to make a comprehensive study of all the above mentioned elements and then proceed with the initial phase of the business in the sprawling and innovative city of Dubai.

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